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SmarterMeasure™ Learning Readiness Indicator is an online assessment which quantifies a learner’s level of readiness to study online and/or in a technology rich environment. It measures noncognitive variables of Individual Attributes (motivation, procrastination), Learning Styles, Life Factors (time, support resources), Technical Skills and Competency, On-screen Reading Rate and Recall, and Typing Speed & Accuracy. Separate versions of SmarterMeasure exist for secondary schools and higher education institutions.  SmarterMeasure may also be used in corporations who utilize online job training.

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SmarterSurveys™  is a standardized and/or custom end-of-course evaluation system for courses. Educational institutions use SmarterSurveys to evaluate the perceived effectiveness of college courses. These evaluations aid institutions in overall quality improvement and serve as key evaluative instruments in a self-study process.  It is delivered in a custom user interface, has intuitive real-time reporting, and unlimited surveys.  Also provided upon request a validated instrument that controls for bias and provides an effectiveness score on a 1-1000 scale.

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SmarterProctoring™ is designed as a complete exam proctoring management system. It allows schools to manage all aspects of proctoring for students from locating a proctor and scheduling exams to tracking communications and releasing the exams all within the learning management system.  SmarterProctoring is provided at no cost to the institution and is designed to work with other solutions your school may already be using such as virtual proctoring companies and on-campus testing centers.

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SmarterFaculty™ is a large database of individuals who are interested in teaching online courses.  Schools can search the database by detailed search criteria including number of previous courses taught and learning management system experience.  Over 12,000 faculty have profiles in our system.  SmarterFaculty also allows organizations to place job ads to a targeted audience.

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