Pearson Learning Studio

Pearson eCollege is a trusted and innovative leader in powering personalized online learning programs and a part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the global leader in education, technology and services. Pearson eCollege’s flagship product – Pearson LearningStudio – represents the next generation in learning management systems and provides a comprehensive, flexible and fully supported cloud computing environment for online personalized learning in higher education. Pearson eCollege’s SaaS-based education solutions advance, improve, and measure the teaching and learning experience in a vast range of educational institutions and programs. For more information on Pearson eCollege, please visit:

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PAR Framework

PAR Framework

The Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework is a non-profit multi-institutional data mining collaborative that brings together 2 year, 4 year, public, proprietary, traditional, and progressive institutions to collaborate on identifying points of student loss and to find effective practices that improve student retention in U.S. higher education.


Pearson Learning Solutions

Pearson Learning Solutions has a team waiting for you:

  • Instructional Designers
  • Curriculum Experts
  • Course Writers
  • Development Editors
  • Experienced Publishers

You may not have the resources ready to produce curriculum demanded by today’s learning environment, but we do. From online and blended courses to faculty development, we have the tools to help you educate your students.

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A global leader in EdTech, D2L is the creator of Brightspace, the world’s first truly integrated learning platform. The company partners with thought-leading organizations to improve learning through data-driven technology that helps deliver a personalized experience to every learner, regardless of geography or ability. D2l’s open and extensible platform is used by more than 1,100 clients and almost 15 million individual learners in higher education, K–12, healthcare, government, and the enterprise sector—including Fortune 1000 companies. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore. |


Comevo @school Online Orientation

Comevo’s @school Online Orientation software service improves student success by offering students convenient and orientation content to be used as a complement or as an alternative to existing in-person programming. Having worked with over a hundred colleges, universities and college districts, Comevo is the leading provider of online orientation software to higher education.

  • Easy to update module content with an intuitive CMS
  • Easy for students to use with video, audio, PDF, web links, and textual content
  • Assess understanding, track, and report completion with a LMS
  • Interface with SIS software for easy login and reporting
  • Upfront training and on-going support

Learn more about Comevo at



Data180 provides a suite of solutions for faculty activity reporting, student e-portfolios/ resumes, co-curricular transcripts and assessment management. Data from course and assessment surveys which are managed through SmarterSurveys can be integrated into Data180’s faculty activity reporting and assessment management solutions.


Blue Canary

The Blue Canary solution aims to reduce the friction that’s required to convert raw data into useful information. Customers know that they have valuable, actionable insights locked away inside of their data. By reducing the friction required to mine these data, the information yield will significantly increase.


Innovative Educators

Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior trainings focused on critical issues facing students and educators. Our primary goal is to provide the information, training and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional and institutional level.

SmarterServices partners with Innovative Educators working together to promote student readiness, remediation, and success.



EdMap makes it possible for schools to focus on quality education. We custom design fulfillment and logistic services that get students and customers the right books and materials they need and we provide instuctors the tools they need in selecting books and materials for their upcoming courses. Administrators can track everything – including the bottom line. To learn more about ED MAP’s community of resources, please visit or send email to


Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL)

Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL) develops, produces, and distributes LabPaqs ® in Denver, Colorado. LabPaqs are boxed collections of science materials that are primarily used by higher education students with distance learning lab science courses. Over 80 different LabPaqs are available in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, plus Environmental and Forensic Science. LabPaqs allow students to earn transferable credits doing at home the same science experiments as on campuses, using the same types of chemicals, specimens and supplies. By adopting a LabPaq like a textbook, educators can provide rigorous, college-level “wet” lab experiences to both online and on-campus students. They assign a LabPaq in a course syllabus and students buy it online. LabPaqs employ green, micro-scale science techniques and compact lab equipment. LabPaqs are insured, have a 15-year, 100% safety record, and can be legally shipped anywhere in the world. Hands-On Labs is a 2009 “Colorado Companies to Watch” Award Winner.



EduTegrity has a mission to foster excellence and integrity in secondary, post-secondary, and professional instruction. EduTegrity provides a wide range of services to inspire professional educators to meet their potential both in the classroom and online. Our services include training seminars for in-class and online instructors as well as online training opportunities. In addition, we offer distance learning instructional design and delivery consulting with a focus on helping clients comply with distance learning accrediting bodies like those of IDECC, ARELLO, DETC, regional accrediting agencies and more. Educators can also check in at and get a free access to quality teaching tips used by the best instructors.

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Cengage Learning and McGraw Hill Learning Solutions

Cengage Learning and McGraw Hill Learning Solutions both provide student success textbooks. SmarterMeasure can be integrated into custom versions of these textbooks. These publishers also provide online courses and online course content which can be evaluated by SmarterSurveys.

Collaborative Learning Inc

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Collaborative Learning Inc, founded in 1999, is the leading company in
productivity software enabling k12 schools to plan, monitor, and analyze
instruction and curriculum with benchmarks and standards.

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Innovative Online Design

The  Innovative Online Design Company provides one-stop shopping with design, development, implementation, quality control, and training for high quality online/distance learning courses.  Furthermore, the IOD proposes to revolutionize online learning by bringing the needs of the students for interactivity and engagement into the design process for distance learning to bring value to existing and future online programs using high quality, career-oriented, and interactive courses.

We offer the following services:
-Course Design and Redesign
-Online Staffing
-Quality Control

The Higher Ed Network

THEN-LogoThe Higher Education Network is your online resource
for talent, opportunity, collaboration, and industry news
within the “for profit” career college sector. Whether you’re
a hiring manager seeking to recruit and retain top producers
or an executive seeking to advance in a new opportunity within
or outside of your current organization, we are your online
resource for professional development.